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The Conniving Hellcat....

watch as I try to diagonally park, in a parallel universe!

Kitty Badpouncer
24 September 1975

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My name is Kerri and this is the portal to my insane world. I am warning you right now, that I am totally candid in my LJ entries. This journal is MY journal, my safe place, my haven. I post my rants, my desires, my hurts, etc. in it. I will not tolerate flaming of my beliefs, preferences etc. Mature debate and discussion is ok, but if you try to sway my beliefs because to you they are wrong, you will find yourself cut from my list REALLY quickly. If you are ok with that, please proceed with fear and trepidation .

I have custom filters, and do not friend just anyone. i will friend you if you look interesting, or if you find ME interesting. I like to make new friends, am very social, but also have a family and priorities that sometimes creep up on me. Sometimes, my journal entries will follow a "feast or famine" type of pattern. Sometimes, I just need to pull back a bit and just take some quiet time. I will TRY to let you know that's what is going on, but if I don't, you are welcome to come hunt me down and make sure I'm still alive! hehe!

I have recently become a single mother. I'm energetic, loud, sometimes a clown, and an imp. I will retreat when I am wounded, emotionally or physically. I LOATHE confrontation. I love being petted, and love to do things for others. I am an individual, independent, yet lean heavily on the ones that I love. I have pets, love animals, and love nature.

I love faeries, and celtic mythology. I am Canadian Indian (Mi'kmaq) as part of my ethnic background, as well as German, French, English, Scotch, in other words, I'm basically a Heinz 57 variety. I love knitting, and especially knitting "ugly stuff".

Welcome to my world..

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curvygirls are beautiful.

curvygirls our tummies!

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Monty Python and the Holy Grail is English K-Nigh-Its Love

Monty Python and the Holy Grail is English K-Nigh-Its Love
made by musesrealm

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

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