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Friends only

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This journal is considered "friends only".  if you are a friend, and you are not on my list of viewers, please drop a comment and I'll consider adding you to my friends list.
Mutual friends are welcome, just tell me how you know me, or through whom you know me and we'll see.......;)

Temporary house cleaning.....friends cut

I just did a friends cut, because of not being able to keep up with everyone's journals.  Some people I just don't connect with the way I used to...not that that is a bad thing.  It's just change.  No offense please.

If, for any reason, you were cut, and you wish to stay, PLEASE leave me a message and let me know.  I apologize now if I made a mistake and you wish to stay.  I will add you right back.


pre-spring cleaning friends list cleanup

I have decided that I sorely need to clean up my communities and friends list-MAINLY communities that i just don't read anymore.  I'm doing a cut today and if you find yourself cut and are unsure and still want to be on my journal, please recomment on my page and I'll add you back.

Nothing personal folks, just doing a pre-spring cleaning :)